Why Choose Us

When it comes to safety, everyone knows that water and electricity can create a dangerous environment.  ZAPCAP® Safety is a IP66 watertight seal safety cap - designed for wet area usage.  Constructed from engineered high impact thermoplastic for heavy-duty industrial applications.  ZAPCAP® Safety meets and exceeds the industry standard for maintaining a watertight seal when in use as well as preventing unintentional disconnects, preventing joint leads from separating.

From your backyard to harsh factory and construction sites, laboratories and other outdoor applications; ZAPCAP® Safety ensures a watertight seal for all electrical connections and devices and is critical to ensuring maximum safety in any wet environment.

ZAPCAP® Safety intended use includes; Caravan and camping, outdoor lighting and entertainment, high pressure gurney, boating, wet power tools and machinery, backyard pools, water features along with other wet, outdoor and aquatic surrounds.

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